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Industries Open House, August 1, 2019   Click here for more details!

Our Mission

Provide occupational and personal development training for incarcerated offenders. Reduce recidivism rates. Provide quality products and services. Support a strong South Carolina economy while serving it's citizens.

What does the Division of Industries do?

The Division of Industries (DI) serves the SC Department of Corrections and the state by employing and training incarcerated offenders. This training oriented work allows the incarcerated offenders to return to society with skills that will enable them to become useful and productive citizens. In pursuit of this objective, the cost of incarceration is offset through incarcerated offenders' wages by the sale of quality products and services we provide to qualified businesses and organizations at substantial savings.

How does the program work?

Traditional: Incarcerated offenders manufacture goods and provide specific services for qualified agencies and non-profits.

Service: In accordance with SC Code of Laws 24-1-290 & 24-1-295, incarcerated offenders repair, replace original manufactured items, package, sort, recycle, label and provide similar work that is not original equipment manufacturing.

Prison Industries Enhancement (PIE): A federally certified prison industry program that places incarcerated offenders in realistic work environments, pays them prevailing wages, and gives them a chance to develop marketable skills that will increase their potential for rehabilitation and meaningful employment on release.

All incarcerated offender’s participate in these programs on a volunteer basis.

All products and services are available to governmental entities, schools and non-profit organizations. The public may only purchase custom framing, plaques, printing, vinyl banners, car graphics, window designs, metal signs, custom license plates, desk markers and novelties.

2019-20 State Appropriations Act 117.25. (GP: Prison Industries) All agencies funded in this act, when procuring goods and services, shall first consider contracting for services or purchasing goods and services through the Department of Corrections Prison Industries Program. The Department of Corrections shall furnish, upon request, to all agencies a catalogue of goods and services provided by Prison Industries. The department is hereby directed to develop and market a catalogue of Prison Industries products for nationwide circulation.

Who We Are Brochure (PDF)

Department of Corrections

Division of Industries

4444 Broad River Road

Columbia, SC 29210